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Vasa - Colours
£9.99 - £14.99

  • Vasa - Colours
  • Vasa - Colours

Vasa - Colours
£9.99 - £14.99

"The cliché of labeling a genre to a band often leads to pleasant surprises. That is the case if one expects Vasa’s Colours to be a post-rock album. Colours shows an unexpected strong progression of tracks with a fast tempo and thick texture, giving it an exuberant touch of Math Rock, or in the guitarist Blaine Thompson’s words, “laid back Math Rock”. This debut album from the Glasgow-based instrumental band resonates a splash of intense moods and passions that sound like one piece with many layers, and largely unnoticeable intervals between each tracks." - New Noise

Touring with Body Hound, we couldn't resist stocking this awesome album from Scottish math/instrumental band Vasa.

1. Smashletes 00:40
2. As Long As It Doesn't Explode 04:13
3. Fat Ronaldo 05:31
4. Not A Cop 03:50
5. Punched 02:05
6. The Angry Dome 04:23
7. Cynthia 05:10
8. Unpunched 01:26
9. Ergonomic Keyboard 06:18
10. Poseidon's Kiss 06:07

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