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Throats - Throats
£4.99 - £13.99

  • Throats - Throats

Throats - Throats
£4.99 - £13.99

We are delighted to announce a long overdue repress of Throats' seminal self-titled release on vinyl. Throats brought together grind, hardcore and sludge in a way many considered vital and fresh.

With upgraded packaging and 3 new colour vinyl variations ('Glass', 'Wood' and 'Metal').

The release now also includes the 3 covers the band recorded on the b-side, some of which were previously available on split releases with Rolo Tomassi and Ergon Carousel, and the self-released 'Atlas'.

Track Listing

  1. Wake
  2. My Hands Are Cold
  3. Fuck Life
  4. Failgiver
  5. Something Low From This Way Comes
  6. Oaken - Wait
  7. The Kill
  8. I Love Turbulence (Rolo Tomassi Cover)
  9. Odyssey (Kyuss Cover)
  10. Atlas

Pressing Information

500 x LP
170 x 'wood' LP
165 x 'metal' LP
165 x 'glass' LP