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This Is Hell - The Enforcer
£0.99 - £2.29

  • This Is Hell - The Enforcer

This Is Hell - The Enforcer
£0.99 - £2.29

Long Island, New York thrash metal band, This is Hell release a new limited 7" EP titled The Enforcer on February 18th 2013.

Somewhat uniquely, a special advance CD version of the EP will be available free with copies of Metal Hammer magazine in ASDA from February 5th.

Guitarist Rick Jimenez on why these songs are different than previous This Is Hell releases: "We continuously evolve as a band and THE ENFORCER is just another step in that evolution. These songs push the boundaries of what we've done before just as BLACK MASS did and WEIGHT OF THE WORLD before that. The riffing is on a level we haven't been to yet, and this is just the beginning for us.

Every record we do is different from the last. THE ENFORCER has different vocal approaches, different song writing structures, guitar techniques, etc than anything prior for This is Hell."

Track Listing

  1. Flag of the Serpent
  2. The Enforcer
  3. Walking Abominations
  4. Whiplash

Pressing Information

250 x red/brown mix 7" vinyl
250 x tri-segment solid white/translucent purple/translucent blue 7"