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Antares - L'Esprit de l'escalier HRR039

What do you get when you combine Theo, ex-guitarist of Chronicles of Adam West, and Calvin - the only guitarist to ever fill-in for Rolo Tomassi? Not only the most tech, ridiculous thing ever, but also perhaps what Dillinger Escape Plan should have done 5 years after Calculating Infinity.

Pressing Information

4 songs in just under 16 minutes. Mini-DVD style cases, 3" cd. Monochrome. Strictly 100 physical copies only. Art and layout by Lisa Cope. Logo by Steve Watts. Produced by Jason Sanderson.

Please note - Only play this cd in tray cd players, not slot-loading cd players. We take no responsibility for cd players fucked by this release.


  1. High Function
  2. Dancing Blind
  3. ...But I'm Not Sure About Singularity
  4. The Devil Drives