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Cthulhu Youth - Inflatable World... HRR063

The 2nd EP from Cthulhu Youth.

11 tracks of raging, abrasive, uncompromising powerviolence, noise and chaos.

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Pressing Information

50 tapes made, with insert card, housed in white, handscreened (by Vino Sangre) card packaging.
9 on yellow tapes.
41 on pink tapes.


  1. Bored Life
  2. Creatine
  3. Free Music For Poor Punx
  4. God's Word Is Where We Lay Our Heart
  5. Prosharelli
  6. Pulcrae Puellae
  7. Inflatable World, Blow This Annihilation
  8. Only Animals Drink Water
  9. The First One Is Faulty
  10. Conceptual Coma Activism
  11. Pumping Iron To Cease Humanity