Whilst it could potentially sound disheartening to some, only one previous band has ever eventually ended up working with Holy Roar simply by sending us music. That band was Throats.
The second band to end up part of the family in this manner is what you have in front of you here, right now. OHHMS.

The Kent five piece have released two EP's with us, 'Bloom' in 2014 and 'Cold' in 2015. Both EP's only with two songs each but clocking in beyond half an hour per listen.
Both EP's perfectly show OHHMS ability of evolving and developing this new form of mature heavy music. Their sound of lumbering stoner rock, depth-charge doom, classic rock and psychedelia will find common ground with fans of Harvey Milk, Pallbearer, Isis, Slabdragger, Haast's Eagled and Rolo Tomassi at their most serene.

OHHMS are really, just exploring the possibilities of what they could go on to do… and that is a terrifyingly exciting prospect.


OHHMS - Cold
OHHMS - Bloom
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